3 January 2018

Ställ din fråga till våra experter

Ett inslag i hyresgästtidningen heter "Fråga experterna". Inom HFAB har vi många kunniga medarbetare som har koll på allt från boende och allmännyttan till hur man bäst fixar uteplatsen eller får bättre kontakt med sina grannar. 

Har du en fråga till våra experter - välkommen att ställa den här!

Live life in Halmstad – welcome to HFAB

HFAB is a modern housing company with a proud history and great expectations for the future. Our company has been active for more than 70 years, since 1942, and is one of Halmstad municipality’s solely owned limited companies. With 9800 rentable flats, 300 rentable premises such as shops and offices as well as countless garages and car parks, we are the largest and leading actor in Halmstad’s property market. Consequently, we are also a driving force in many areas of development – for the benefit of both the municipality and those who live and work within its borders.