HFAB can, in exceptional cases, give priority to apartments. If you have exhausted all your options of solving your housing situation and have a strong case, then you may be eligible for priority treatment. HFAB cannot govern access or what apartments are available for priority cases and all apartments must have been able to view via Bosök.

If you are given priority you will be offered it only once. If possible we try to take account of individual specific requirements. If you decline the offer then it won’t be offered again. If your application for priority has been turned down and your situation changes you can always submit a new priority application.

Requirements for submitting priority applications:

• Meet HFAB’s basic requirements
• Registered and living in Halmstad municipality for at least 2 years with the exception of occupational priority
• Permanent residency permit
• Swedish social security number with the exception of occupational priority
• Exhausted all options of solving your housing situation

Unacceptable reasons for priority treatment:

• Divorce/separation
• Homelessness
• Financial reasons
• Unhappy with current accommodation
• Overcrowded living accommodation

Acceptable reasons for priority treatment:

•Violence/Serious threat of violence
- Physical or psychological violence
- HFAB always considers children’s perspective
-At serious risk of being submitted to violence
- A decision has been made by the authorities for a hidden identity
• Permanent physical disability that current accommodation doesn’t provide for
- Current accommodation is not suitable
• Occupational priority
- For individuals who have been offered work for a minimum of 1 year in Halmstad and live too far away to commute (travel time 3 hours/day or around 200 km/day)
- For individuals who have not been registered or lived in Halmstad municipality for the last 2 years.

What to do:

Fill in your application on the priority form, available at or collect it from HFAB’s customer center. The form and all necessary certificates should be emailed to or send it to Förtur, Halmstads Fastighets AB, Box 147, 30104 Halmstad.