Subletting your apartment

For subletting apartments, HFAB follows the principles of the Rent Tribunal. A written confirmation from us is required to sublet the apartment.

For your sublet to be approved, you must have a noteworthy reason:

  • Temporary work/studies in another city or country. Proof of employment or studies is required. 
  • Special family circumstances, including wanting to try living together as a couple. To qualify for this, you must have not lived together before. To try living together, we want a copy of your partner's rental/purchase agreement. Please note that under this circumstance, you will be approved to sublet your apartment for no more than one year, including three months’ notice. 
  • A longer stay abroad (at least 4 months). A copy of your ticket is required. 
  • Age or illness. A tenant may have notable reason if he or she is admitted to a hospital or other temporary housing due to age or illness. A medical certificate is required.

There may be notable reasons other than those mentioned above; for example, specific situations where the tenant has obvious justification not to use the apartment but still has reason to stay on the rental agreement. One such example would be the care of a relative in his or her home.

If you would like to sublet your apartment, please apply using this form, also available at Customer Service. Applications are approved for six months or one year at a time. After that, you may apply for an extension of up to two years. 

The primary tenant is always the responsible party towards HFAB in the event of non-payment of rent, disturbance, or damages in the apartment.
Keep in mind that the intended subletting tenant must not have any rent arrears to, or a mismanaged relationship with, HFAB, and that it is your joint responsibility to make sure to have valid home insurance. You should also write an agreement between yourselves.


Make sure to be approved before subletting!

Illegal subletting leads to eviction and is also considered a mismanaged relationship with HFAB. A mismanaged relationship means that you're not allowed to rent an HFAB apartment for the next two years. Regular checks of the apartments are conducted.

Never sublet an apartment without writing an agreement between yourself and the subletting tenant. Sample agreements are available at Hyresgästföreningen (the Tenants’ Association) or for purchase in the bookstore.