Requirements to rent a student apartment

In order to rent an HFAB student apartment, you must meet our basic requirements and studies requirements. 

The following basic requirements apply:

  • You are of legal age.
  • You are a current student at Halmstad University on at least half-time (15ects/semester).
  • You have no debts to HFAB.
  • You have no record of non-payment in the last 12 months.
  • You have not mismanaged your relationship with HFAB during the past two years.
  • You can only have one apartment agreement with HFAB.

What does a mismanaged relationship with HFAB mean?

If you, as an applicant, have mismanaged your relationship in the last two years, you will not get a rental agreement. A mismanaged relationship includes:

  • unauthorised subletting
  • neglecting the apartment
  • serious disturbances to other tenants
  • threats or violence against staff
  • executed eviction
  • repossessed apartment.

If you have mismanaged the relationship, you will be barred from submitting applications for HFAB apartments for two years; however, you continue to accumulate queue points even during this period.

If you do not meet HFAB’s basic requirements, you cannot get a rental agreement with HFAB.

To meet HFAB’s studies requirements, the following apply:

You have a current letter of acceptance or are a current student at Halmstad University on at least half-time (15ects/semester). At least 50% approved studies is required. We may obtain your grades from Halmstad University. Distance learning courses are not approved.

You upload your letter of acceptance to Halmstad University on My Pages in order to accept an apartment that is offered to you.

Can I apply for a student apartment before I have received my letter of acceptance?

Student apartments with occupancy dates on June 1, July 1, or August 1 can be assigned even if you only have proof that you have applied to Halmstad University, but only if you live outside Halmstad Municipality. A letter of acceptance must then be presented at the start of the semester.

When you interrupt or complete your studies, you have no right to stay in your student apartment and must submit your notice to vacate. We check this on a regular basis.