Subletting your student apartment

If you have found a subletting tenant and wish to sublet your student apartment, you must prove that you intend to move back to the apartment and return to your studies at Halmstad University.

The subletting tenant must be a student at Halmstad University. You may sublet your student apartment for no less than three months and no more than two years (except during summers when approval can be given for a minimum of two months).

Submit your application to sublet no later than one month in advance. A written confirmation from us is required to sublet the apartment. For your apartment to be approved for subletting, you must also show one of the following reasons:

  • Studies abroad (at least 3 months)
  • Apprenticeship in another city (at least 3 months)
  • Testing to live together as a couple (maximum 1 year)
  • Summer job in another city (at least 2 months)
  • Illness

If you wish to sublet your student apartment during the summer, you may be authorised to do so for a minimum of two months, and the following apply:

  • As the primary tenant, you must have an apprenticeship, study, or work in another city.
  • The subletting tenant must study, have an apprenticeship or a temporary job (e.g. summer job) in Halmstad.

Unapproved subletting tenants in a student apartment include tourists or someone who has received permanent employment.


If you wish to sublet your apartment, please use the sublet application form, which you'll find here. The form is also available to collect from HFAB Customer Service.

The primary tenant is always the responsible party towards HFAB in the event of non-payment of rent, disturbance, or damages in the apartment.

Keep in mind that the subletting tenant must not have any rent arrears or a mismanaged relationship with HFAB, and must be a student at Halmstad University.