Subletting a student apartment

If you plan on subletting an HFAB apartment, you must make sure that subletting is authorised by us. You’ll know this when a copy of the application submitted to us by the primary tenant is mailed to your home. We’ll notify you whether you have the right to sublet or not. 

Note! The contractual relationship is always with the primary tenant. As a subletting tenant, you are in other words only notified in the application whether the rental is approved or not – it is not considered an agreement between you and HFAB or between you and the primary tenant.

To keep in mind as a subletting tenant

  • If you would like to sublet one of our student apartments, you must be a student at Halmstad University.
  • You must not have any rent arrears or a mismanaged relationship with HFAB.
  • As a subletting tenant, you can never take over the rental agreement.
  • Always have valid home insurance.
  • Never sublet an apartment without drawing up a contract between you and the primary tenant. Sample agreements are available at Hyresgästföreningen (the Tenants’ Association) or for purchase in the bookstore.

If you wish to sublet a student apartment during the summer, you may be authorised to do so for a minimum of two months, and the following apply:

  • The primary tenant must have an apprenticeship, study, or work in another city.
  • The subletting tenant must study, have an apprenticeship or a temporary job in Halmstad.

 Unapproved subletting tenants in a student apartment include tourists or someone who has received permanent employment.

We take unauthorised subletting very seriously and might blacklist a primary tenant for two years if he or she sublets without permission.