Notice and vacating a student apartment

When it's time to move out of your student apartment, you must submit a written notice. On your rental agreement, you’ll find a pre-printed line on which to sign. The notice is submitted to our Customer Service on Fredrik Ströms gata 6 or mailed to HFAB, Box 147, SE-301 04 Halmstad, Sweden.

The notice period is three calendar months (or two months if you're moving to another HFAB apartment). If, for example, you give notice to vacate your apartment on January 2, vacancy will be on April 30.

Upon giving notice, your apartment will be listed on Bosök and you show the apartment to those offered a viewing. If you are unable to show the apartment and would like us to do it, you must notify of this in connection with your notice.

Apartments for which notice is given in May, June, or October are listed on Student Direkt and become searchable once acceptance letters for new students arrive before the start of fall and spring semesters.

Once the apartment is empty and cleaned, we conduct an inspection. You book this with your landlord well in advance – preferably one month prior to vacating. All wear and tear in the apartment must be corrected and the apartment must be well cleaned. It’s important that you notify of any defects that need to be addressed. Under the Swedish Rent Act, you are obligated to report any suspicion of vermin/bugs in the apartment.